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The Academic Chair

A group in the department of Mathematics Applied to Systems (MAS) at the Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), the Business Intelligence (BI) academic chair is funded by SAP BusinessObjects. The chair is directed by Marie-Aude Aufaure. Our objective is to promote teaching and research covering the diverse aspects of the BI processes chain. The BI domain, and thus the BI research team in ECP, involves many fields such as data and knowledge processing and management as well as visualization and user experience. We aim to invent the future of Business Intelligence, dealing with high-level semantics, reasoning about unstructured and structured data, and to provide a simplified access and better understanding of diverse BI tools. Current faculty members are Marie-Aude Aufaure and Anastasia Bezerianos.


     Laboratoire de Mathématiques Appliquées aux Systèmes
     Ecole Centrale de Paris,
     Grande Voie des Vignes,
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